Accelerate Manufacturing Sales – Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing

Accelerate Manufacturing Sales with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing by Sysco Software

Sysco’s CRM for Manufacturing is the must have solution for growing companies who want to simplify and connect their teams for improved prospect qualification, project and commercial tender sales management, sales opportunity development, stakeholder engagement and sales reporting.

Qualify Sales Prospects

Identify new manufacturing & construction sales prospects and track them throughout the project sales development process.

Manage Project Sales

Create multiple projects against each prospect or account. Project managers can assign Sales Managers or Business Entities to opportunities that are relevant to them.

Develop Manufacturing & Construction Sales Opportunities

Assign individual and commercial tender opportunities to Sales Mangers. Monitor the real-time progress of active project opportunities from anywhere.

Engage Stakeholders

With Sysco’s Manufacturing & Construction CRM, deliver personal experiences no matter who a stakeholder talks to within your construction sales or bidding teams.

Sales Reporting

Stay on target with real-time visibility of projects and opportunity pipelines across your business.

Download Sysco’s Manufacturing CRM Solution Overview

Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing CRM
Designed for manufacturing companies who supply the construction industry across Ireland.

Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing CRM

Microsoft Dynamics Construction CRM
Designed for contractors and civil engineering companies who service the construction and infrastructure industry across Ireland.

Microsoft Dynamics for Construction CRM

Our Clients

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